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Best Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum: ACE vs. Rod & Staff

As you weigh your options to choose the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum for your child, consider ACE or Rod & Staff. Here’s why.
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The Benefits of an All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum

An all-in-one homeschool curriculum is neither cheating nor lazy. It’s freeing and could be the right solution for your family - here's why!
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Homeschool History Curriculum from a Biblical Worldview

Concerned about finding the right homeschool history curriculum for your children? Consider BCE: Grades 1-12. Biblical worldview. Engaging lessons. Grounded in truth.
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Homeschooling FAQ - Is ACE Curriculum Accredited?

Take a look at the ACE Curriculum, understand why it cannot be accredited, and make sure you're actually enrolling in an accredited homeschool program that's best for your child
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How to Create a Stress-Free Homeschool Experience During COVID-19

The coronavirus has forced many families into homeschooling. Here’s how to make it a great experience for you and your child.
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Christian Homeschooling: The Importance of a Biblical Worldview in a Science Curriculum

Choosing the right Christian homeschool science curriculum can be a challenge, and you’re not alone in the search! Here's why it's important to take this subject seriously, and how to choose a curriculum that's right for you.
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Switching to Homeschool Mid-Year

Did your child struggle academically, socially, or spiritually in public school this past semester? Are you worried about sending them back for the second half of the year? It’s not too late to consider a switch to homeschooling.
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Helping the Academically Stuck Student

As educators we often find ourselves working with a student that just seems to not be able to retain information. This student may have previously been doing fine a month or two ago now it seems their abilities have vanished.
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Vision - Beyond 20/20

As we labor, to educate our children or the students that God has placed under our tutelage, we often feel frustrated that we don’t seem to be accomplishing all we would like.
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Examining Vision

I have had vision issues all my life and know regular visits to the eye doctor are essential. Did you know eighty percent of what a school-age child learns is through vision?
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True Education

True Christian education ought to lead the learner to salvation and then to develop Christ-likeness.
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