What’s Missing In Your Child’s Education In 2021 (and Beyond)?

By James Leonard

December 1, 2021

We never like being the bearer of bad news, but we’re pretty concerned about what we’re seeing in the world of education right now.

Some of our concern stems from the agendas that are becoming a major distraction in what’s supposed to be your child’s education (we’ve covered that in another article), but what we’ll cover today is even more important.

We’ve got to address an even more important issue: kids are missing out on essential material and falling behind in their studies.

Considering the main objective of an education is to learn, it seems that mid-pandemic schooling is failing our children. 

But, don’t take our word for it… let’s let others tell the story:

According to an article by Audrey Conklin on Fox News, students were failing their classes more often last year. At one point, the number of students who received multiple “F” marks increased a staggering 83% compared to the same period the previous year, specifically related to virtual learning. 

Then there’s this study from Texas, where researchers discovered online schooling was having serious adverse effects on learning. Students were “... turning in assignments late, if at all; skipping days to weeks of virtual school; and falling behind on reading,” according to both parents and teachers alike.

In a USA Today article posted in December 2020, results were consistently dismal among online learners, especially - get this - those with limited or no access to reliable internet (no shocker there). 

Somewhat shockingly (or is it?), in August of 2021, Oregon quietly decided to pass a “... law that suspends a requirement for a basic-skills test in math, reading and writing to graduate high school.” Basically, they know kids aren’t learning basic course materials everyone else is expected to master in order to graduate.

If you’re like many parents we’ve talked to over the last several months, you didn’t even need the sources to know there’s been something amiss - you’ve seen it first-hand with your child.

Maybe they started strong, completing assignments and keeping up with materials. Then, with a mixture of online schooling, socially-distanced in-person learning, or simply compounded stress, things got a little slack. 

These parents (potentially you included) have felt exceedingly overwhelmed by the sudden responsibility of pushing their children to stay motivated during a very trying school year. 

While it’s easy to hope this upcoming year will be back to “normal”, we’ve all heard the rumblings of another COVID-19 variant that could cause additional shutdowns, which would likely have an impact on learning to some extent.

So, what’s your child missing out on in their schooling? Maybe more importantly: where do you go from here?

We’ve all been trying to sort this out as educators and loving parents, and you may be wondering what you can do to keep your children on the right track or how to catch back up!

Well, you’re not alone.

For one thing, it’s important to have a steady, comfortable learning environment established for your child. Considering the constant changes you’ve lived through in the last year and a half, you could argue that homeschooling is the most stable option available.

You can create a quiet, distraction-free environment in your home so your child can focus on the materials at hand. Ensure the space has plenty of natural light to keep your child awake and alert while learning (even if it’s online schooling).

Most importantly, you can (and should) find out where your child needs help. We offer a no-obligation, self-guided Diagnostic Test that helps you find the true level of your child. By understanding what subjects have caused “holes” in his or her schooling, you’ll be able to fill in the gaps and keep your child moving forward.

The nice thing is, we’re here to assist during the entire process, so there’s no guesswork on your end. When the test is complete, simply send your packet back and we’ll personally review the results with you

Even better - once we’ve got a clear picture of where your child is at, we’ll develop a customized homeschool program for your child's specific needs. You can quickly help your child get back on track... and potentially get them beyond the level that’s “normal” for their grade!

Finally - if you’re interested in a new approach and decide homeschooling is the way to go, you can make the switch at any point in the year! Many families will actually correct-course mid-year because they’d rather right the ship now rather than watch themselves drift even further from their goals.

No matter how you choose to proceed, the important thing is your child continues to learn this school year!

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