Our Unique Approach to a Complete Homeschool Education


We offer an individualized, Bible-based homeschool friendly curriculum for elementary and secondary levels (K-12) developed on the premise that every child is uniquely created by God with distinct abilities and for a definite purpose. Therefore every student needs an individualized education program.


Each PACE contains sufficient instruction so that students can work with minimal assistance at their own ability and speed. Each subject level is divided into twelve achievable units called PACE's. The PACE is a self-contained, self-instructional unit of academic work. It is equivalent to a textbook divided into twelve bite-sized, achievable worktexts.

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Each PACE has: 

  • Well-defined goals listed on the first page of the PACE
  • A character trait, linked to a verse of Scripture, will be taught as they work through the PACE, the Scripture verse should be memorized
  • Vocabulary Words - words that may be new are introduced and defined throughout the PACE.
  • The individualized curriculum (perfect for homeschooling families) has been carefully compiled to introduce children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at age-appropriate levels. It was developed with vocabulary that spirals from simple to complex, from concrete to abstract. New concepts are presented five to seven times to assure mastery.

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Each PACE contains the textual information the child is to read, study, and learn along with activities they need to complete. Explanations, examples, and drill are contained in the skill subjects, sufficient even for underachievers. A combination of information, examples, illustrations, activities, drills, reviews, and tests provide effective tools for learning and achievement. 


Subject content is age and grade-level appropriate. The content progresses from skill to skill (in sequence) and from grade to grade in an increasing spiral of learning. Each skill is learned, reviewed, & expanded to attain the broadest scope of mastery over time.

Controlled Mastery Learning 

Each step of the way through a PACE a student is directed to check their mastery of the material being studied. This is accomplished through regular “scoring” of work by the student, regular unit checkups, and a final Self Test at the completion of the PACE. The student then will take an included final exam, the PACE Test, the next day. When the PACE test has been completed with a minimum of 80%, the student is ready to proceed to the next PACE.

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