Enrolling in the Homeschool Academy

Give Your Child a Brighter Future with BCE Academy

If you're looking for a comprehensive, homeschool curriculum for your child, then BCE Academy is it! It's a full year's worth of materials and support, custom tailored to your child's needs. No lesson plans to develop, no tests to create…it's all included!

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1. Enroll

New BCE Academy students receive a free diagnostic test, valued at $75.00, included with Registration. 

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2. Diagnostic Process

Eliminate the guess work. Get the right fit for your child's abilities.

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3. Customized Course Study

Using the results of the diagnostic, we'll collaborate with you to create an individualized path toward success for your student – whether that's college, high school graduation, full-time ministry, or any other vocational path. Read more about our courses here.

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4. Education that Works

Your homeschooled child will learn traditional Christian values while receiving a quality education that prepares them for a life of Christian service, regardless of vocation.




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Get an Affordable Homeschool Program for Your Child

Grades 1-8:

First Student

Registration fees: $75.00

Returning Student Reg: $50

Annual Tuition fees: $980.00

Semester: $505

Quarter: $260.00

Second Student

Registration fees: $65.00

Returning Student Reg: $40

 Annual Tuition fees: $950.00

Semester: $490

Quarter: $252.50

Third Student

Registration fees: $55.00

Returning Student Reg: $30

Annual Tuition fees: $920.00

Semester: $475

Quarter: $245.00


High School – Grades 9-12:

Annual Tuition fees: $1,080.00

Semester: $555

Quarter: $285.00



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You'll feel the Success!

BCE Academy is designed for ease of use…not just for the students, but for you as well! Teaching multiple grade levels becomes much easier with our individualized program, not to mention it’s affordable.  No lesson plans or tests to develop -- it's all included!

BCE Academy provides a variety of material, support, and resources to our students and their families. Get report cards, a projected course of study for High School, enrollment verification, transcripts, and accredited diplomas.

Call at 937-548-1155 and we’ll be more than happy to explain what BCE Academy is all about. We're here to help make home-educating your child easier, so you can get back to the many things you do each day.

Important Payment Information:

*Prices Effective July 1, 2024 The annual tuition fee includes all consumable curriculum for up to six subjects and score keys but excludes resource books, DVD, and CD resources.

Tuition may be paid by the quarter or the semester - there is a $15.00 administration fee per student per quarter/semester when not paying annually. 

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