BCE Homeschool Academy

BCE Homeschool Academy provides the services, support and curriculum that will allow you to feel comfortable in your home education experience.

With Enrollment in BCE Academy you will have all you need to have a successful homeschool. 

A free diagnostic testing package is provided to determine student’s proper placement within the curriculum. This testing for proper placement is the key to success.

All the workbooks, score keys, and forms you need are included. 

No lesson plans or tests to develop – it’s all built in! The program is user-friendly for students, homeschool parents, and multi-grade settings. 

Record keeping is simple with provided forms that are returned to us for development of a permanent record and transcript. Students enrolled in BCE Academy who meet the graduation requirements will be awarded an accredited diploma.

 BCE Academy is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. Those choosing to enroll in BCE Academy will receive an accredited high school diploma upon completion of the required course of study. Our diplomas have been readily accepted by colleges, universities and the military.

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