Diagnostic Process

BCE Academy Diagnostic Process

Before your child dives into our homeschooling courses, he or she will undergo our unique diagnostic testing process. This testing lets our experienced staff better understand your child, so we can work with you to best develop a plan for success. The diagnostic process is simple, and sheds  clear insight into what they have learned and what may affect how they learn

The Diagnostic Includes:

      • Academic progress
      • Neurological organization
      • Short term memory
      • Auditory processing skills
      • Overall reading comprehension

In order to get your child on a curriculum that he or she will thrive in, we need to understand the student beyond accumulated knowledge. In other words, factors beyond the classroom affect classroom behavior and retention. We break this down and come out of the testing with a customized course plan that helps your child today, making graduation an achievable goal.


A Customized Learning Experience

Our diagnostic process, which builds on the ACE Curriculum Placement Test, finds the missing pieces in the foundation of your child's education. The curriculum is designed as 12 booklets (PACEs) per subject each year. The diagnostic testing identifies the key new concept of a particular PACE, that are mastered or not mastered. Concepts that are mastered need not be repeated and those not mastered can easily and quickly be remediated. As your student successfully completes each PACE, he or she will move on through the BCE Academy materials. 


Gaps in foundationFigure 1.1: Our diagnostic process allows students to continue building where there's a strong foundation while filling in gaps of understanding & mastery.


Why the Diagnostic Process Matters

Every child learns at a different pace and has differing strengths depending upon the subject. Although your child may be in the sixth grade, he or she may have a fifth-grade reading level - and that's okay! This is where our diagnostic process comes into play. (Figure 1.1) We figure out your child's unique learning needs and develop a personalized education program. The diagnostic process allows us to fill the gaps that other educational methods or systems left out, while continuing growth where the student has a good foundation. 

How Does the Testing Work?

Children feel at ease in an environment with limited pressure. That's why our diagnostic testing is taken in the comfort of their homes under parental supervision. Diagnostic testing will determine skill and concept mastery prior to receiving any academic materials from BCE Academy. We are only a phone call away to assist you at any step of the process.

Once the student has completed testing, BCE will evaluate the results. We then work with you and your child to determine his or her needs and prescribe a curriculum that not only meets, but challenges your child at the demonstrated learning level subject by subject. 

Success at All Levels of Ability

The testing covers academic areas and more:


      • English
      • Math
      • Word building (spelling)
      • Social Studies, Science (as reading comprehension)
      • Advanced diagnostics consider phonics, vision and neurological development

Proper academic diagnosis and prescription is vital to your child's success. For more information on how to get started, request a catalog or give us a call at 866-567-2446!


New to the BCE Academy? 

New students to the BCE Academy receive free diagnostic testing with enrollment. Give us a call at 866-567-2446 for additional details!

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