Recommended Reading

Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties: A Step-By-Step Guide For Parents And Teachers

by Jerome Rosner    ISBN-13: 978-0802773968

Rosner's classic handbook has sold over 80,000 copies. This revised edition has been extensively updated and expanded to include a wealth of new activities to help children with "enigmatic learning problems"--learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and other learning challenges . Graphs, charts, tests.

This book is now out of print but widely available used. I have used it for many years. We have also incorporated some of the ideas found in it into academic our diagnostic testing.  -Jim


Books for Adoptive Families

Don't Touch My Heart 

by L.G. Mansfield       ISBN-13: 978-0978881009 

This uplifting story by Linda Gianforte Mansfield depicts the journey of a young boy, suffering from Attachment Disorder (RAD), who learns to love. Great for preteens and teens to read on their own or for parents to read to youngsters as it helps children with RAD to understand their struggles. This hope-filled book will touch your heart and bring a deeper understanding of the effects of early trauma.

This book will be a blessing to families with an adopted child or children.  It brings into focus what is behind many issues experienced by adoptive families.  -Jim


When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with RAD-Reactive Attachment Disorder

by Nancy Thomas     ISBN-13: 978-0970352545

This book brings hope and healing tools to parents and professionals working to help challenging children. Effective interventions, a full step by step plan, clearer insight and understanding make a powerful difference in helping children heal. If you want to make a difference in the life of a hurting child, this book will do it! This plan was honed on some of the most difficult children in the US and has been used successfully to help thousands of children around the world. Children can learn to be respectful, responsible and fun to be with. This book tells the reader how to do it and then zaps them with a boost of encouragement to get started!


There is much to be gleaned from this book that may be helpful for children with RAD. Please note there is an activity presented that suggests not being honest with your child during the activity; in my opinion, this is not an acceptable intervention approach. Please let your Christian principals filter your reading.  -Jim


Shame and Grace: Healing the Shame We Don't Deserve Paperback 
by Lewis B. Smedes      ISBN-13: 978-0060675226

If you persistently feel you don't measure up, you are feeling shame—that vague, undefined heaviness that presses on our spirit, dampens our gratitude for the goodness of life, and diminishes our joy. The good news is that shame can be healed. With warmth and wit, Lewis B. Smedes examines why and how we feel shame, and presents a profound, spiritual plan for healing. Step by step, Smedes outlines the road to well-being and the peace that comes from knowing we are accepted by the grace of One whose acceptance of us matters most.

Many people I known have been helped by this book as they deal with misplaced shame that had robbed them of their joy.   After giving a copy to a friend, they returned wanting more copies to share with others in a church group that was experiencing turmoil.  It was then we chose to make it available as a regular stock item.   -Jim

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