Why Choose BCE's Complete Homeschool Curriculum Packages?

An Individualized Curriculum that Works

Basic Christian Education gives you the tools to impart to your children a deep and full education. We help you develop self-motivated, passionate learners. Our children need critical thinking and problem-solving skills that go beyond the ability to pass a standardized test. Skills and thinking rooted in Biblical truth. We provide complete homeschool curriculum packages, custom-designed specifically for your child's developing mind.

How it Works:

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Education that Works

Your child will learn traditional Christian values  while receiving a quality education that prepares them for a life of Christian service, regardless of vocation.


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Diagnostic Process

Eliminate the guess work. Get the right fit for your child's abilities.

BCE Course Study

Customized Course Study

Using the results of the diagnostic, we'll collaborate with you to create an individualized path toward success for your student – whether that's college, high school graduation, full-time ministry or any other vocational path. Read more about our courses here.

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Why does it work?

  • BCE offers a complete learning system 
  • An excellent remedy for "Homeschool Mom Burnout" 
  • No lesson plans or tests to develop; all provided and ready to use. Learn more »
  • Multiple children and grade levels are managed with ease
  • Individually designed course of study for each student through diagnostic testing 
  • Personal assistance and advice 

What are the results?

  • BCE teaches solid academics, life skills, and Christian character
  • Covers all academic areas expected in a quality education 
  • Provides excellent preparation for college through development of self-directed learning
  • Teaches daily and long-term goal setting and the satisfaction of achievement 
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • All subject matter is presented from a conservative Christian worldview
  • All subjects are permeated with the Word of God; Bible is not just an added course. 
  • Non-denominational, simply exposes students to God's Word and its timeless precepts Learn more »



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Our Promise to You

Raising children is the highest calling you'll have in life, and the most fulfilling. We’re not just educators here at BCE, but we’re your friends, teammates, homeschool parents, and prayer partners.

 We want to support you as you educate and guide your children while they grow to godly men and women.

We promise to be by your side. We care about you and your child. Request a free catalog and begin your child’s Basic Christian Education today!

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