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The Christian homeschool curriculum at BCE is customized for the learning needs of your child. Avoid frustration for both you and your child with our proven system of faith based learning. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of grade levels and course topics. Check out what fellow homeschool parents are saying and read about our course material below!

To properly determine how your student aligns with our homeschol curriculum, we strongly recommend beginning with our diagnostic process. This helps ensure that you are selecting material that will both appropriately challenge and engage them!

Our core curriculum includes Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building (spelling, dictionary skills, sentence writing). We also offer Literature and Creative Writing, Bible Reading, Music, Art, and many electives.

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Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum

Two options are available for this level:

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi

The PACE based preschool and kindergarten program includes four instructional manuals that provide full step by step instructions for each day’s learning and many hands on activities.  You have the option of making the work take a half day or a whole day. The foundations of phonics are laid. We introduce your children to the world of reading with full-color picture stories.  



This series provides preparation material for preschoolers and kindergarteners to use at home. Thirteen workbooks give practice in coloring, cutting, pasting, and following directions while learning neatness and carefulness with books. The books are progressive and build readiness to read. 

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Elementary Level

First Grade

The first 12 weeks of first grade strengthen and reinforce the fundamentals of phonetic reading. Your student will be sounding out simple words in week two and by the end of the twelfth week will be phonetically reading sentences. Social Studies and Science are developmental readers and English reinforces the basic phonics and builds reading vocabulary.

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Second Grade

Continued work in our core subjects plus Literature and Creative Writing, Animal Science, and Bible Reading allow your child to get a more hands-on approach to learning. Your child will read and answer questions about God’s Word, continue to build their phonetic reading skills, practice printing letters, words, and writing sentences. They will expand their knowledge of the days of Creation, learn about communities and work with 3-digit numbers.

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Child reading BibleThird Grade

At this level, your child will learn more about the faithfulness of God. They will be introduced to multiplication, Roman numerals, and units of measure.  English focuses on the parts of speech and learning to write letters while mastering cursive handwriting.  Students also learn about the solar system and geological changes as a result of the flood as well as to be responsible for their environment. 

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Fourth Grade

Your student will expand on previously covered topics. They will begin using division and will learn to identify relationships between mathematical operations.  English will review and expand on their knowledge of the parts of speech.  Students will use this knowledge to write paragraphs.  They will learn more of geography, water cycles, respiration and blood circulation, plant cycles and early America and her Christian leaders.

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Fifth Grade

The courses here begin to reflect a slightly more complex curriculum.  Math will introduce new terms, fractions, prime numbers, and basic geometry.  Your student will learn to diagram a sentence and identify the different kinds of pronouns.  States and their capitals, systems of government, oceanography, dinosaurs, and energy are just a few of the topics the student will cover this year.  Bible Reading as an elective becomes more interactive for your student.

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Middle School Level

Sixth Grade

Students at this level learn about the central nervous system as well as the skeletal system and muscular system.  Diseases and personal cleanliness are introduced.  Your student will learn about Christian leaders and early world history after the flood.  Math reviews decimals and fractions while introducing your student to the properties of addition and multiplication.  Use of simple, compound, and compound – complex sentences with effective coordination and subordination of ideas with the purpose of expressing complete thoughts will occupy them in English.  


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Seventh Grade

The eight parts of speech are reviewed while studying prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, infinitives, and gerunds.  Profit and loss, commissions, bills and receipts ratios, proportions and percents will broaden their perspective.  Students will begin to learn about careers that are available to them and will study their own state’s history.  Science will cover ecology, pollution, botany and characteristics of birds and mammals.  Greek word parts and words of Spanish and French origin are learned as a part of our own language.  

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Eighth Grade

Time lines, maps, and American History from our birth to the Great Society of Reformation dominate Social Studies this year.  Your student will learn about the semaphore alphabet code and study astronomy.  English will prepare your student for high school papers.  Your child will cover Pascal’s Triangle, multistep equations and inequalities, and conversions between the English and metric systems of measurement and temperature.  

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Music  & Art for Grades 1-8

Music is available for grades 1-8.  This course teaches students to competently sight read music for voice.  The theory available through the course also helps students that are learning musical instruments.

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Art is available for grades 1-8 as well.  The material starts off simply and builds on previous concepts learned.  Students will enjoy the projects presented through this course.

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High School Level

Ninth Grade

Quadratic equations, the Pythagorean Theorem, and Algebraic graphs are just a few items that your student will learn about in Algebra I.  World Geography and Biology will expand your student’s knowledge of the world they live in and the living organisms that are part of it.  Students will learn the roots, prefixes, and suffixes of words and the languages they came from in Etymology.  Study of the history of the English language, writing biographical sketches, and the study of the parts of a book will round out your student’s education in English I.  

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Tenth Grade

Your student will learning about poetic forms, characteristic of writing biographies and autobiographies, and the purpose and type of journalistic articles.  They will learn to reason logically while studying geometry.  World History and Physical Science are also taken in this level. 

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Eleventh Grade

American history is taught from the Vikings through the present. This course is a requirement for High School graduation. Your student will also learn about the history and development of chemistry as well as the four phases of matter.  Algebra II is explored with real number axioms, polynomials, quadratic solutions and more.  Students will learn to recognize different periods of American literature, research and write a term paper, and increase their writing skills.  

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Twelfth Grade

Students will learn to solve realistic problems about our universe through Trigonometry.  British literature will be studied along with the study of speech, denotation and connotation, and parallelism.  Your student will learn the historical foundation of American Civics and the terms, theories, and definitions of economics.  The study of Physics includes the states of matter, electrochemistry, and nuclear energy. 

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High School Electives

High school wouldn’t be complete without the fun of choosing your elective courses.  Whatever their goals are in life, BCE offers electives that round out your child’s education.  

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