Grade 11

Scope & Sequence Grade 11

Algebra II  Grade 11  (PACEs 1121–1132)

Prerequisite: Algebra I

   This advanced study in algebra includes parabolas, hyperbolas, permutations, logarithms, and matrices; operations with radicals and fractions; and solving equations. The approach is practical, helping the student use his reasoning abilities.

   The student learns to operate with:

Real number axioms and applications.

Radicals and complex numbers.

Fractions and operations, equations and decimals.

Equations—linear and graphs, quadratic solutions, relations and polynomial functions.

Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, and sentences with one variable.

Multiplication of polynomials, factoring monomials, squares, groups, and open sentences.

Computations, exponential functions, logarithms, and antilogarithms; and permutations, combinations, binomial expansions, and probability.

Matrices and their properties, determinants of equations, and systems of equations.

Online videos are now available.


English III   Grade 11  (PACEs 1121–1132)

Prerequisites: English I and II

   The student:

Identifies sentence fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences.

Studies different periods of American literature.

Recognizes and reviews grammar.

Continues to build knowledge of capitalization and punctuation rules.

Increases writing skills—descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive elements of a paragraph; plans and writes an essay.

Develops setting, character, and plot for a short story.

Researches, plans, and writes a term paper in a step-by-step process.

Verifies and clarifies facts presented in other types of expository texts by using a variety of consumer, workplace, and public documents.

Reads In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon and answers questions.

Studies excerpts from The Oregon Trail.

Analyzes characteristics of satire, parody, allegory; pastoral themes used in poetry, prose, plays, novels, short stories, essays; and other basic genres.

Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE. 


American History  Grade 11  (PACEs 1121–1132)

   The student:

Views American history from the colonial period to the present.

Gains an understanding of America’s religious, philosophical, and political background.

Studies the growth of industrialism—its background, products, benefits, and the expansion of liberalism (1890-1914).

Learns about immigration—the urban problems, rural unrest, and social reform (1865-1900).


Chemistry  Grade 11  (PACEs 1121–1132)

       Prerequisites: Physical Science and Algebra I

   The student:

Examines the history and development of chemistry, careers and fields of study, nuclear chemistry and biochemistry, chemical reactions and balancing equations, acids and bases, the four phases of matter, molecular bonding, and the Periodic Table of Elements.

Learns about thermodynamics and quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Uses “Teen Life Principles” to apply wisdom to everyday situations.

Optional online videos also provide interactive, multimedia instruction and “virtual hands-on” lab experiments.

 A DVD lab set is available.


New Testament Church History  (Self-Pacs 1121–1132)

   This fascinating study tracing the roots of church history will develop the student’s appreciation of the church’s role from its earliest days. It is intended for the upper-level high school student. The subject matter explains God’s plan for the formation and spread of the church and the extension of the Gospel. Optional resource: Halley’s Bible Handbook

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