Choosing the Right Homeschool Curriculum for Your Child

Your Success is Our Goal

Many teaching systems place students in a grade based curriculum based on their age. Age is not necessarily an indicator of accumulated knowledge or academic skill mastery.

Our Homeschool Curriculum is best selected according to student’s mastery, based on Diagnostic Testing rather than age or grade level. It is not unusual for students to have abilities in various subjects that span multiple grade levels. Differences in teaching methods, curriculum content, and learning styles almost guarantees that students will have varying levels of achievement.

Through subject-by-subject curriculum selection (based on Diagnostic Testing), students can begin where they are able to have success. Students go from the known (what they have learned and are confident in) to the unknown (the information or skill they are learning or approaching anew). 

Diagnostic Testing clearly shows the parent/supervisor of where to begin the student in each subject. It will identify “learning gaps” (areas where a concept mastery is weak, or not previously presented) which can then be remediated without unnecessary coverage of already mastered concepts. The student is then free to move forward with success.

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