Individual PACE Ordering Options


As with shoes or other needs a “one size fits most” traditional education might not be a good fit for your child. If you're in the process of making the decision on what does work, we'd love to talk with you about your homeschooling options.

Basic Christian Education is flexible in meeting your needs.

If you are not looking for the full service option of enrollment in BCE Academy we offer:


You can purchase full courses or individual PACEs in any subject to use in your homeschooling. See our Scope And Sequence for full listing.

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If you already know what you’d like to order, please give us a call (937) 548-1155, fax your order to 937-548-1165, or send us a list of the materials you’d like through our PACE order form.


We offer individual accredited high school courses to satisfy requirements of other academic institutions for $200 per course. Call us to discuss your specific need.

Whatever your needs, our staff will personally assist you in choosing curriculum. Get your child on the right track that preserves your family values and provides a quality education that works.

We are excited to get you started in helping your child achieve!

To start your home school experience call us at (937) 548-1155. 

We would like to personally assist you in choosing curriculum.

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