Grade 10

Scope & Sequence Grade 10

Geometry   Grade 10 (PACEs 1109–1120)

Prerequisite: Algebra I

This course expands the deductive reasoning powers of the student as he reviews previously learned material and is introduced to new concepts.

   The student learns:

To reason logically and systematically.

Properties and theorems and how to use them for solving problems—converse and construction, parallelograms, tangency, exterior angle; Hinge, Pythagorean, and regular polygon theorems.

Types of shapes, angles, arcs, and chords, and learns to find the circumference and area.

Tangents, secants—angles formed and intersecting within a circle.


English II  Grade 10 (PACEs 1109–1120)

   The student:

Writes using four kinds of paragraphs and correct sentence structure.

Reviews the characteristics of writing a biography and an autobiography and learns to make note and source cards while using reference books at the library.

Studies the elements of a book and examines the author’s style while reading, studying, and answering questions about God’s Tribesman by James and Marti Hefley and The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and John and Elizabeth Sherrill.

Identifies and reviews basic grammar.

Expands vocabulary through learning and writing new words.

Classifies and diagrams the seven basic sentence patterns of simple and complex sentences.

Discovers the purpose and type of newspaper articles and writes a newspaper article.

Determines the purpose and appropriate forms of business and social letters and letters of application.

Gains practical application of library skills.

Learns to identify and appreciate poetic forms.

Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE.


World History Grade 10  (Self-Pacs 97–108)

   The student:

Learns about ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Colonialism, the Age of Revolution, and the history of Europe between 1850-1990s.

Learns about the fall of Communism—the spiritual awakenings and the missionary outreach.


Physical Science  Grade 10  (PACEs 1109–1120)

Prerequisite: Algebra I

   The student:

Learns the scientific method and notation, powers of ten notation, significant figures; homogeneous and heterogeneous substances; air and atmospheric pressure, pressure and density of gases; formation of chemicals, elemental periods and families; metals and metalloids.

Studies laws of motion and gravity, light, electricity, and modern physics. n Applies Scriptural principles to everyday situations.

Optional online videos also provide interactive, multimedia instruction and “virtual hands-on” lab experiments.

DVD labs are available.


Old Testament Survey  (PACEs 1109–1120) 1 Credit

   This is a comprehensive course designed to provide the high school student with a book-by-book understanding of the Old Testament. The chronology, history, setting, and content of the Old Testament are examined in such a way that the student’s comprehension is increased. This study covers the introduction, preparation for Bible study, and authority of the books of the Bible. The covenants, time periods, laws, poetical books, and minor prophets are just a sample of topics that are discussed.

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