Christian Kindergarten / Preschool Homeschool Curriculum & Scope

Kindergarten / Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi is based on a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare a child to read. 

This Christian Kindergarten / Preschool homeschool curriculum includes Sixty PACEs (2,000 pages) filled with Bible and animal pictures, coordination development activities, and full-color picture stories encourage a love for reading. The program is intended to foster quick learning of the phonetic sounds for all letters. The student will also learn social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love.

Requires four instructional manuals that give step by step instructions for each day's learning activities.

Workbooks - not requiring additional resources

This series provides preparation material for preschoolers and kindergartners to use at home. Six workbooks give practice in coloring, cutting, pasting, and following directions while learning neatness and carefulness with books.

  • Bible Stories to Read is the storybook, corresponding to the lesson numbers of the child's color book. Each story is intended to be read by the parent to the child before the corresponding picture is colored by the child. Each story includes several questions and answers as well as a short Bible memory selection.                                        
  • Bible Pictures to Color has 60 pictures to color, illustrating the 60 stories in Bible Stories to Read. A few pictures provide color-by-number practice. This is basically a coloring book with very little cutting and pasting.                         
  • Adventures with Books includes recognizing the eight basic colors, identifying simple shapes, and understanding a few familiar word meanings.   
  • Counting with Numbers teaches the child to identify, write, and know the meanings of the numbers, 1 through 10. It teaches number sequence (after, before, and between) and simple math-related words, such as more, less, first,and last.  
  • Do It Carefully introduces discriminating shapes, letters, and a few words; writing letters and the child's name; and hearing several initial consonant sounds.                                  
  • Everywhere We Go reviews some of the skills taught in the previous books. The eight colors, the shapes, and the numbers 1 through 10 are included, as well as writing the letters and the child's name and hearing several initial consonant sounds.                 
  • Finding the Answers develops thinking skills through hearing rhymes, identifying sequence, understanding sentence meanings, making comparisons, and association.
  • Going on Eagerly Exercises include using colors, working with shapes, counting objects, identifying sequence, and drawing missing parts and simple pictures.
  •  Hearing and Helping Includes practice in hearing initial consonant sounds and rhyming words; understanding words in sentence context, as well as following instructions.

  • Inside and Outside  Includes practice in counting and writing numbers 0 through 12 by 1’s and 2’s, and by 10’s to 100.  The color pink, the diamond shape, and the thermometer are introduced.

  •  Just Thinking and Choosing Begins to develop thinking skills, understand sequence using objects, similarities, and analogies.

  •  Keep Doing it Carefully Reviews and builds with introduction to the calendar.

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