Music for Grades 1 to 8

Music Programs

Grade 1  Beginning in Music One is a set of 32 perforated worksheets designed to teach two sets of musical characters: the shapes and kinds of notes.
      The teacher's guide at the front of the booklet of worksheets suggests musical ideas on a weekly basis to help students develop a diatonic feeling.   

Grade 2   Beginning in Music Two reviews and drills syllable shapes and kinds of tones with 36 perforated worksheets. It is more advanced than Grade 1 in that pupils learn to draw shaped notes and characters showing note values, and they are drilled in writing the names and values of the notes. Rests are included in Grade 2. Pupils learn to draw and label rests.
      The teacher's guide suggests some musical ideas to use in developing the student's diatonic feeling.                        

Grade 3   Beginning in Music Three presents thirty-six perforated worksheets that review note shapes, note values, and rests. Various musical terms such as the scale, the staff, lines, spaces, and measures are taught in a simple manner. The last nine lessons introduce accidentals.
      The third grade music teacher is encouraged to spend considerable time developing the students' vocal abilities. Methods include musical ideas, scale drill, and individual singing of the scale.                                                                                     Beginning in Music

Grades 4 and 5  Growing in Music   

Though this textbook assumes that the pupil can recognize characters such as notes, rests, and clef signatures, it covers the simplest elements of music and can be used for those who have had no previous instruction.

In the first chapter, such aspects as sound and tone properties are taught. The second chapter teaches good singing habits. The third chapter teaches the various parts of the staff. Chapter 4 deals with the major diatonic scale, Chapter 5 with notes and rests, and Chapter 6 with rhythm.

Sight-reading exercises in the back of the book help the students to learn the scale and simple rhythm patterns. A section of rounds and two-part songs is provided to help the students in harmonizing parts.

The workbook is divided into 21 lessons, which combine exercises to help rivet in the pupils' minds the concepts taught in the textbook.

Flash cards and a test booklet are also available.

The teacher's manual gives positive direction so that the teacher will not lose his way -- even if he has never taught music before. Teaching the lessons and conducting the singing periods are clearly explained, and various drills and quizzes are included. Answers to questions in the pupil's books are given. Suggested songs are listed, which may be found in Silver Gems in Song (listed further down on this page).

Growing in Music

Grades 6 and 7  Developing in Music    

Developing in Music consists of four books: pupil's textbook, workbook, test booklet, and teacher's manual. The pupil's textbook explains the rudiments of music. Concepts reviewed or taught include the staff and its parts, accidentals, the major and minor diatonic scales, the chromatic scale, key signatures, note values, measure structure, and expressive singing.

In addition, the appendix gives sight-reading exercises, three-part songs, and a glossary.

The teacher's manual divides the work into 30 lessons and gives practical help for teaching the music class. Suggested songs that relate to the lessons may be found in the Christian Hymnal.

Music 8 Maturing in Music

Maturing in Music consists of three books: pupil's textbook, test booklet, and teacher's manual.

The student will learn about types of songs, pitch, and scales.  The course also introduces notation of rhythm, dynamics, and song interpretation.

Maturing in Music

Music Helps

Music Flash Cards -- These 9" x 6" cards double their use by having characters on both sides. Useful for all levels of teaching music, they drill identification of the staff and all symbols used in connection with it, note and rest values, names of lines and spaces, note shapes, accidentals, and key signatures.  

Silver Gems in Song -- Songs for children and youth. Has many of the selections that were in Songs of Cheer for Children, which is out of print. This book complements the music curriculum Growing in Music (listed further up on this page). Shaped notes. 142 songs.    

Christian Hymnal -- This valuable collection includes many familiar hymns not found in other books. This book complements the music curriculum Developing in Music further up on this page. Shaped notes. 657 songs.


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