ACE: Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum for Traveling Families

By James Leonard

May 6, 2022

Do you like to travel but feel stuck because your kids don’t have a flexible curriculum for school? Let’s take a look at ACE’s homeschool curriculum provided by BCE Academy and see how it can open doors for you and your family!

Do you wish you could travel more but have kids that are still in school?

There is a dilemma a lot of parents face… the desire to switch things up and go somewhere new throughout the year, only to remember that their kids are still in school. Imagine being able to book that resort for a cheaper fee during the off-season - or going on a retreat to the family cabin during the week…doesn’t that sound wonderful? If only there was a way your kids could still complete their schooling while you travel…

Did you know that there is a Christian homeschool curriculum that gives you the flexibility to travel?

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and saying, “Yeah, right.” But we aren’t kidding! There is a Christian homeschool curriculum, available through Basic Christian Education, that is designed to fit your individual student’s needs, while also being super mobile!

ACE Curriculum is the best Christian homeschool curriculum for you to take on your travels and here’s why:

1. The ACE curriculum is very accessible.

The ACE curriculum included in BCE Academy uses units called PACE’s. These units are smaller breakdowns of a year’s worth of learning… and the best part? They fit on a clipboard! No need to lug around huge textbooks for every single subject. Want to lounge by the pool? No problem! Your child’s PACE clipboard will fit right into your beach bag next to the sunscreen

In fact, we’re hearing of many families who are going to enroll their children in our summer school program for this very reason! Parents want to help get their kids back up to speed after noticing a drop off in educational performance ever since the pandemic… but they don’t want to sacrifice their ability to go on vacation in the process.

2. ACE maximizes time since it is tailored to each child’s specific learning needs.

Your student won’t have to waste their time learning subjects they’ve already mastered. Instead they’ll get to do a deep dive into subjects they aren’t as familiar with. This approach ensures that your student is making the most out of the time they’re dedicating to their schoolwork. More focused time and less busy work means more time to explore during your travels!

3. You are not in this alone - BCE is here to help you with curriculum preparation!

Students can take a diagnostic test that allows us to customize your child’s curriculum. We prepare these materials for your child, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours searching for curriculum. Spend your extra time researching your next trip!

What’s the benefit of "travel homeschool" for your kids?

Using the ACE homeschool curriculum while traveling is so beneficial to students. Not only do they continue their academic learning, but they will also have a greater understanding of the world around them by exploring new places. They will realize that learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or at the kitchen table, but that it happens all around them! Enjoy the wonder in your child’s eyes as they see the places they’ve learned about.

What are you waiting for? Book that trip and enjoy watching your child grow!

Reach out to our team here at BCE and request a free catalog to learn more about how you can use our Christian homeschool curriculum to make memories as you learn (and explore) together as a family!

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