5 Benefits of ACE Homeschool Math Curriculum

By James Leonard

July 17, 2023

There are dozens of homeschool math curriculums out there, so, why choose ACE? Here’s a list of five ways ACE can help your students master homeschool math.

Individualized Homeschool Math Education with ACE

In a traditional school setting, it’s easy for math students to stumble, get off track and then feel permanently lost. If students don’t master multiplication, or fractions they cannot conquer algebra.  However, ACE math allows students to work at their own level and learning speed. It allows them to master concepts and feel confident before adding new skills. But how exactly does ACE individualize homeschool math?

  1. Each math level is divided into twelve units called PACEs.
  2. A PACE is a self-instructional, self-contained unit of academic work.
  3. Students work at their own speed and ability level, using guidance when necessary. 
  4. Once students master a concept, they move on to the next step.

* Note: If your child is struggling in math, it's best to figure out where things don't quite "add up" in their minds in the first place. Since many math concepts build on each other, it's important to know what your child has mastered and where their foundation needs fixed. Many children are unfortunately several grade levels behind where they ought to be, especially after COVID! To find out what level of math curriculum is right for your child, check out our Diagnostic assessment that sheds light on where your child is truly at, and what concepts they need to master so he can get back up to speed!

A Homeschool Math Program that Builds Independent Learners

As homeschooling parents, we want to provide the tools needed for students to become effective, confident, lifelong learners. The ACE math program trains students to work by themselves (with guidance when needed.) Being able to work independently is a valuable, lifelong skill that translates into every area of life. Whether students go on to higher education or land a full-time job, the skill of independent learning will serve them well.

The benefits of independent learning include:

  • Focusing on the process of learning, not just the goal
  • Allowing room for different learning styles and speeds
  • Providing a sense of personal satisfaction
  • Showing students how to teach others
  • Giving the skills needed to tackle new challenges throughout life

Systematic Homeschool Math Lessons

Math is orderly, so math instruction should be orderly, too. ACE homeschool math curriculum is orderly and systematic because it offers:

1) Sequential Learning

Math lessons are carefully arranged to introduce skills at age-appropriate levels. Instruction flows from the concrete to the abstract. ACE homeschool math presents concepts and skills 5-7 times to promote mastery.

2) Mastery Checks

Throughout a PACE, students continually check to see if they have mastered the material. This is done by:

  • Frequent scoring of work (allows parents to stay continually updated on student progress)
  • Regular unit checkups (highlights areas where students need additional help)
  • Self-tests (provides immediate feedback)
  • Final unit exams (assesses mastery and pinpoints weak areas)

When students have achieved mastery with a minimum score of 80% they are ready to move on to the next PACE.

3) Continuous Review

The ACE math content moves along from skill to skill in sequence. Progress continues from grade to grade in an expanding “spiral” of learning. While students keep learning, they also continuously review what they have already learned. The result is the broadest scope possible of mastered skills over time.

Here at BCE, we come alongside homeschooling parents in their goal to provide the best math instruction possible. Besides delivering quality, Christ-centered math resources, we are here to assist and advise parents every step of the way.

ACE Curriculum Offers Compact and Portable Homeschool Math Materials

Perhaps you have homeschool math textbooks gathering dust in your overloaded bookshelves. Math textbooks are often huge and unwieldy, with spiral bindings unraveling, and spines falling apart at the seams. By contrast, ACE math is pleasantly portable. The compact PACEs are ideal for families who want to take home education on the road, or simply spend an afternoon at a local library or park.

Designed for Christian Homeschooling Families

It’s surprising how standardized tests and government school math curriculums can whisper subtle messages. Even a seemingly “amoral” subject like math can be used to suggest a worldly, anti-Christian agenda. Thankfully, ACE Math combines faith with learning, believing that no subject should leave God out. ACE unashamedly weaves Biblical values and scripture references throughout homeschool math lessons, which makes it refreshingly unique and distinctively Christian.

Try our Homeschool Math Curriculum – Any Time of Year

Math instruction is at the core of a quality education, but some students struggle. Parents don't want to admit their child isn't performing well in homeschooling math because they feel it's a reflection on themselves. So parents may become discouraged, believing they've failed their child.

ACE Homeschool Math can help! We offer smart, systematic math instruction for everyone. The BCE motto is "Your Success Is Our Goal". We want homeschooling parents to sample math success for themselves – any time for year. Contact us today to try an entire quarter of ACE for just $275.

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