Try a Quarter of BCE Academy & Homeschool Curriculum for Only *$275

See for yourself why Christian families enjoy the advanced simplicity of a homeschool program that works for you, without the risk of a long-term commitment.


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Dear Caring Parent,

You’re doing a great job.

There’s no higher calling than raising your child to be a Christ-centered leader in today’s world, but it doesn’t come without some challenges!

You deserve a lot of credit for sticking to what you know is right deep down inside: Your child needs a change in their education... otherwise you wouldn’t even be here to explore this offer.

If you’re like most parents we talk to, you’re either:

  • Fed up with what you’re seeing from the public schools
  • Concerned that your child is falling behind in their current education situation
  • Stressed out and overwhelmed at a homeschooling curriculum that puts a ton of pressure on you to keep things moving, and/or
  • You want to make the wisest decisions with your finances.

No matter what your reason, it’s time to try something new before you lose any more ground - and we’re hoping this will help you get back on track with minimal effort.

When you try a quarter of BCE Academy, you’ll be getting:

  • Our comprehensive diagnostic placement test that will help you identify where your child needs help most
  • A customized lesson plan and coursework that will fill the gaps in your child’s education and accelerate learning.
  • Assistance along every step of the way. We’ll even coach students over the phone if they’re stuck on a particular concept.
  • Peace of mind, because you’re on the right track and your child is learning again!
  • Your time back, as you won’t have to lesson plan or piece together a curriculum… we take care of that for you!
  • A plan that re-energizes your child and helps him or her enjoy schoolwork.

Does Grade Matter?

No - this offer is available to any grade level, so everyone can benefit.

Do I Need Any Other Materials?

No - that’s the beauty of it! We’ll provide exactly what your child needs to catch up or get ahead. Our homeschool curriculum is comprehensive and Christ-centered.

Low-Cost Trial

For just *$275, you can try a quarter of homeschooling without stress. Even better - you can get started with a $75 deposit - it’s really that simple!

We’ll even provide **FREE SHIPPING of all materials in this offer.

This is intended to be simple for both you and your student to get started. Once you see how simple this can be, you’ll be happy to know that it’s just as simple to continue if you’d like.

As you are completing this quarter, we’ll do a quick re-assessment with you. If it seems like a good fit for you (and we’re confident it will), then we’d be happy to help you with the next quarter. Just mail in your tests and we’ll create a report card - or start creating a diploma if your child is in high school.

No matter what - “Your Success Is Our Goal”.

Get Started Today

Or, if you have any questions or want to talk over the phone before a commitment, we’d be happy to talk you through the process. Our number is: 937-548-1155

See you soon!


*$275 offer is valid through June 30, 2024.  Effective July 1, 2024, the Try a Quarter Offer will be $285.

**Free standard domestic shipping.  Does not include expedited shipping.  Domestic rates will be deducted from international rates.