True Education

By James Leonard

April 1, 2015

True Christian education ought to lead the learner to salvation and then to develop Christ-likeness.  The end result being lights shining in this lost and dying world: fulfilling the ministry of reconciliation of others to God.  As home-educators we have a great opportunity and duty to “sharpen our arrows” (Psalm 127:4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth) to accurately press toward the mark of their calling in Christ Jesus. 

Consider the words of James Smith, From Handfuls on Purpose,

“True education is not the cramming of the mind with different ideas, but the developing of our capacities, so that their real character may be brought out to the best advantage, and the highest purposes of our lives accomplished. In the caterpillar all the rudiments of the butterfly may be seen, but a great change is needful to liberate the higher faculties, and make the caterpillar that new creature it seeks to be. Jesus Christ said, " Learn of Me." He educates by regenerating the character and opening the way for the full development of all the capacities of the new man. To learn of Christ, then, is to be conformed into His likeness, and so be able to fulfil all the purposes of God in the new life.”    

A charge to keep I have !

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