The Top Christian Homeschool Programs

By James Leonard

August 23, 2022

It’s the age-old homeschooling question: “What’s the best Christian homeschool program?!” Spoiler alert: It’s subjective!! This article will offer you some insight into different Christian homeschool programs and will help you determine what materials are best for your child.

What makes a Christian homeschool curriculum “good?”

Again, this is subjective. However, if you’ve clicked into this article we probably all agree that Christian homeschool programs should offer Biblical perspectives. The level to which the Bible is integrated in each subject depends on the curriculum, so let’s take a closer look at some of the available Christian homeschool programs.

Popular Christian Homeschool Programs (listed in alphabetical order)

  1. Abeka: Approaches curriculum with the expectation that parents will be actively teaching their children. In other words, Abeka has a “chalk talk” approach to learning.
  2. Alpha Omega: This curriculum has a chalk talk approach and a work text approach. This curriculum does utilize several outside resources that aren’t in the student’s workbook…that means the parent must track down the materials. If you are unable to find the extra resources, your child will be tested on articles they’ve not studied which is frustrating for both you and your student.
  3. BCE:  Hey, that’s us! We use ACE curriculum, a work text approach that empowers the students to learn the material for themselves…keep scrolling to dig deeper into ACE curriculum.
  4. Bob Jones: Another “chalk talk” approach. A lot of the weight falls on the parent to gather the material and present it.
  5. CLE: Is a work text similar to Alpha Omega that. This curriculum is geared towards members of the Anabaptist community as the materials feature plain folk, women in bonnets, farm animals, etc.
  6. Rod and Staff: Another example of a curriculum that requires parental involvement through the chalk talk approach.

So which curriculum do we recommend?

While all of the above curricula have an emphasis on faith, we recommend you explore ACE Curriculum that we offer here at BCE. There are several benefits to using ACE curriculum, such as: the Bible being integrated into every single subject, it is paper-based (making it tactile and very easy to transport), and each student gets their own personal lesson plan developed for them.

The curricula mentioned above have different approaches and if you’re switching from one curriculum to another, it is important to make sure that there are no gaps in your child’s learning experience. At BCE, we offer a diagnostic test that measures where your child is performing in each subject. This allows our team to customize the ACE curriculum to cater to each individual child’s needs! We want to help you avoid the hassle of picking and choosing between curricula…especially if you have multiple children to curate lesson plans for!

What is so great about ACE’s approach?

While most curriculum functions at grade-level, ACE actually meets your students where they are currently performing. Your 7th grade student may excel at reading, testing at a 9th grade level, but only be performing at a 5th grade level for math. Other curricula might just place your student in a 7th grade “box” whether they understand the material or not. We meet your students where they are and help to fill-in the gaps in their learning, building them a strong foundation in each subject.

Some parents try to piece together their own custom homeschool curriculum using a different program for each subject. This can be very frustrating to the students when the subject matters do not align or work cohesively to assist the child’s development. Say you’re using different approaches to Math and Science. Certain science classes might require you to have mastered algebraic equations in order to actually complete the science lessons. But the math approach you’re using doesn’t teach those equations until later…your student cannot truly understand science because they’re lacking the foundation in math! You want to make sure the subjects work together. ACE curriculum has a straightforward approach, always making sure that your student has the proper building blocks for each subject they’re studying. 

Even better: when you get the ACE curriculum through our BCE Academy, we’re here with you during every step, providing you with the help and structure your family needs to really thrive. Our goal is to partner with you and your student to homeschool confidently.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Request a diagnostic test!

By utilizing our diagnostic test resource, you will understand which subjects your child excels in or struggles in. With this customized learning approach, it takes the pressure off of your shoulders and empowers your children on their learning journey! Don’t hesitate - request your diagnostic test today!

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