Is ACE Homeschool Curriculum Online or Paper-Based?

By James Leonard

March 21, 2022

Here at BCE Academy, we are often asked whether our ACE homeschool curriculum is online or paper-based. This is a very good question to be asking as a parent, especially as you consider how online learning is impacting your student! While we will dive into the implications of online learning versus paper-based curriculum later in this post, let’s get to the answer you’re all waiting for… ACE is a paper-based curriculum

We are thrilled to offer ACE Christian homeschool curriculum to homeschooling families because we believe that paper-based learning offers more benefits, and greater holistic development, for students of all ages.  

For the past two years, students have drastically increased their screen time in response to the schooling crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, many schools went online completely, and even now, schools are still utilizing online learning frequently. 

Even before the pandemic changed the way we approach learning, there were online homeschooling options. Some parents opt for their child to experience online learning because it is available with little to no parent preparation required and gives their child classroom-like structure.

Concerns Over of Online Homeschool Programs

While online homeschooling can seem like an easy and convenient option, the increased screen time can lead to scary consequences for our young people. 

Experts have found that high levels of screen time may negatively impact a child’s developing brain and cause other health issues. In fact, this is such a growing issue, that The National Institute of Health has started the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study in an attempt to better understand how young people’s brains are impacted by things such as screen time.

In a landmark ABCD study, it was reported that children who were spending about 7 hours a day on a screen had a thinner cortex than children who were not on screens as frequently. The cortex is responsible for processing thoughts, language, and memories, among other things - it is pivotal for learning capacity!

The American Psychological Association has a lot to say on this subject, as well! The APA article, “What do we really know about kids and screens?” highlights a report from Common Sense Media that showed, on average, 8 to 12 year-olds spend 4 hours and 44 minutes a day on a screen - and that’s before we even factor in screen time for online school!

Screen time is also causing children to become addicted to their devices. They are engaging in less physical activities and outdoor time resulting in more childhood obesity. Children are also experiencing less cognitive function and more mental health struggles because of their screen use. Several parents have noticed their children struggling with engagement in their online schooling situations and a decreased attention span and desire to learn. As parents, this should be a huge wake-up call for us. Let’s strive to minimize screen time so our children can live healthy lives!

Benefits of ACE's Paper-Based Homeschool Curriculum Used by BCE

ACE homeschool curriculum has many benefits, but after reading those disturbing statistics, one of the best things about ACE is that it will not be a main contributor to your child’s screen time! Because of the paper-based approach in the curriculum, your student will use a worktext and a physical pencil to complete their work - not a screen! 

The paper-based curriculum that BCE utilizes offers kids a chance to engage more with their materials in a cognitive and tactile sense (with pen and paper.) Kids have an easier time remaining focused and learn materials better with paper-based materials because they are not tempted to scroll online, play games, or cheat by looking up the answers! Since your children won’t be as distracted by other online activities, they will complete their work more efficiently and will retain more of it in the long run. 

Another benefit of using a paper-based curriculum is that you can take it anywhere, anytime! No need to lug around a huge textbook, either…ACE curriculum is presented in PACE’s. (A PACE is a booklet of about 30 to 40 pages. There are 12 booklets for each subject per year.) Basically, your child can find all of their work for a specific amount of time printed on papers that can fit on a clipboard! These PACE’s are designed specifically around your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses by our team here at BCE Academy…that’s right - you get the benefits of your child using paper-based curriculum without spending hours upon hours compiling textbook resources for your student! 

The paper-based approach of ACE Christian homeschool curriculum offers children the freedom to learn in an environment free of a screen, helps them learn efficiently and independently, and gives you the opportunity to take your children anywhere without sacrificing their education! It’s really a win for everyone involved!

To learn more about ACE paper-based curriculum used here at BCE Academy, or to learn more about homeschooling in general, start with our free catalog of Christian homeschool resources!

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Great read!!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog, blog like these is really helpful.
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