Homeschool Customer Service Isn’t Meeting Expectations?

By James Leonard

February 23, 2023

Fed up with the lack of support from your current homeschool curriculum provider? You’re not alone.

We’ve heard numerous stories recently of parents who have become disheartened by the lack of customer service they’ve experienced from several prominent homeschool curriculum providers.

Why Lackluster Customer Service Is Driving Homeschooling Parents To Seek Better Options

You’re putting your best foot forward to provide a meaningful educational experience for your child. Therefore, you’d expect the same level of commitment from your homeschool curriculum. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to actually get in touch with a real person for help these days!

Many providers used to hold true to the idea that service was of utmost importance for homeschooling families. Even if they don’t provide a personalized experience for each student, they at least had people available to help you make selections and handle your questions should you get stuck.

Sadly, it seems those days are slipping away. 

Instead of calling a homeschooling customer service number and talking to a friendly, helpful member of their staff, several companies are making it increasingly difficult to even talk to a real person! We’ve even heard people tell us they’ve talked to other customer service representatives who then directed them to email someone for assistance instead of taking care of the customer right then and there!

It goes from bad to worse.

There was a student who had some unexpected health issues pop up that extended his 9th Grade year past the 9-month school year set by the homeschool provider they were using at the time. Since he hadn’t completed the material in time, the homeschool provider charged the family an extra $40 per month on top of the monthly tuition fees they were already paying.

They ended up making him restart multiple courses to complete all over again!

What’s Causing This Shift in Homeschool Customer Service?

There’s not one simple answer here, but we do have a few ideas as to why this shift is happening, and it’s actually not all bad!

1) An influx of new homeschooling families is putting strain on some companies.

This is actually a wonderful trend that’s been brought on by two reasons:

  1. COVID shutdowns helped people realize learning at home is not only possible, but it can be very fun, beneficial, and freeing to families!
  2. Have you turned on the news lately? Even if you haven’t, you’ve started to hear of certain harmful agendas being pushed in school systems. Parents across the country have started to wake up to this woke perspective and take action, which has led them to seek out Christian homeschool programs.

2) There’s an effort to be more streamlined and profitable.

We’re obviously in a digital age, which allows many companies to save money by providing “helpful resources” in digital format. These companies can save money because they reduce the amount of humans they need to accomplish many tasks. Unfortunately, customer service teams have started to dwindle, which ends up hurting more than it helps.

What Can You Do?

Most of these trends are not going away anytime soon - but some of us are putting in extra effort to make sure you’ve got the customer service and support you need to succeed.

We’d recommend you make a switch as soon as possible - and want to make that a very simple transition for you (more on that in a second). Would you drive a car on a flat tire - even if you just spent money on new tires a few months ago? Of course not - you’re a sensible person, which means if something’s broken you take care of it right away.The same is true for your child’s education. If it’s not working, and you’re not getting the support you need, then it’s time to take care of that flat tire!

We’re here to help - in several ways.

1) Customer Service (obviously!).

We take this very seriously! It’s a team effort to ensure your child progresses as planned and actually thrives in a homeschooled environment. Parents and children need support, and we’re here to help the entire family.

2) Our homeschool curriculum is based on biblical truths and custom-developed (by us!) for each individual child.

You’re not on your own to figure out what your child needs, and your child is set up for success from the start.

3) Our program runs in quarters, which lessons the financial pressure and risks and makes it easy to transition in (and out) at any point of the school year.

If the program isn’t for you, you haven’t spent your whole budget on an entire year’s worth of curriculum.

Try BCE Academy Today For Just $275

Try a quarter of our homeschool academy for just $275. We always include our diagnostic materials to see the true picture of what concepts your child has mastered in each subject, and create a personalized plan for continued subject mastery.

Of course, our stellar customer service team is ready to assist you and support you throughout your homeschooling journey. We’re committed to provide you with real people to talk to and reasonable solutions put together by our friendly staff.

See you soon!

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