Summer School Planning Starts Now!

By James Leonard

May 27, 2022

Have you started planning for summer school yet? Now is the perfect time to start preparing, and we’ve got you covered! Let’s explore why summer school is more important than ever, and how summer school can be a great experience for your kids and you!

Has COVID really impacted learning?

It is no secret that COVID has impaired learning for most students. You turn on the radio or TV and hear stories about children that have fallen behind in school during the pandemic. According to an article published by McKinsey on COVID-related learning disparities, students “learned only 67 percent of the math and 87 percent of the reading that grade-level peers would typically have learned by the fall.” 

Students are not just falling behind in Math and English…the statistics for other subjects are startling as well. As more and more students struggle to stay afloat, it is time to take action! We want you, as parents, to feel empowered to help your child get back on track. Fortunately, Math and English happen to be two of the easiest subjects to measure when it comes to determining how much your student is comprehending.

How can I tell if my child has a learning deficit?

Here at BCE we offer a unique diagnostic test that allows us to gauge which subjects your student is behind in, and which subjects they know well. The test gives you results that show what concepts your student has mastered or not mastered.

So say your student is in 8th grade at school, but they take the diagnostic test and realize they are  missing some concepts at a lower level in Math but are at a 9th grade level in English. That tells you, as the parent, that your student probably doesn’t need any additional help in English over the summer, but that your student needs to spend some time focusing on Math. Knowing what concepts have not been mastered or have been mastered in Math or English will allow us to create a simple summer school course that addresses your student’s specific needs.   

This will allow you to address their educational needs with a more intentional approach.

I know what subjects my child needs additional help with… now what?

Now is the time to start planning for summer school to get your child caught-up to where they need to be! Help them perform at their highest level by finding materials that will focus on the subjects they’re not comfortable with. Start compiling your resources now and come up with a manageable plan that they can tackle over the summer. 

Your student needs to brush-up on some subjects now to be sure that their foundation is solid for the new school year in the fall. You cannot put a roof on a second story building if the second story has not yet been built,any more that a student can go forward without the mastery of the essential concepts that are expected to be in place. Help your child reach new heights and get started on summer school!

Will summer homeschool ruin my summer plans?!

Absolutely not!!! BCE’s approach to summer school is convenient and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go! Each unit can fit on a clipboard, so pack it along in your hiking backpack or beach bag and enjoy the flexibility this approach offers you and your family. Read about how easy it is to travel with our Christian homeschool curriculum!

And just a word of reassurance…You do NOT need to be a homeschooling expert to make summer school work! There are plenty of resources available to you on our website, and we are happy to help you in your curriculum selection process through our diagnostic testing. 

Remember, at the end of the day, what matters most is that your child has mastered what they need in order to thrive during the next school year. They will love being able to finally understand subjects that were once difficult for them, and you will love watching them enjoy learning again.

What are you waiting for? Have your child take the diagnostic test today and start planning for summer school! Your student’s success is our goal!

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