Did COVID Sneak Critical Race Theory Into Your School?

By James Leonard

September 13, 2021

COVID brought many changes to the educational system, and we've covered how it's been detrimental to your child's learning despite everyone's best efforts.

But there's something else that seems to have snuck in under the cover of COVID (and suspicious under-coverage from the media): Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been weaseled into many school districts, in many cases directly against the will (or knowledge) of parents.

You may have heard of a few hushed stories where parents are outraged and pushing back against this new agenda that has crept in under-the-radar.

For instance, Greg Dolan (of Pennsylvania) and Amy Cawvey (of Kansas) are concerned parents who are actively taking a stand against “CRT” by running for their respective school boards. Dolan, a U.S. History teacher, is actually going as far as saying that CRT is “poisonous” and “... the opposite of good teaching.”

Then there’s Joe Mobley of Virginia, along with many other parents in his community, pushing for a recall of six members of their local school board. Mobley’s argument is that the curriculum contains “sexually explicit” material, along with violence, grammatical errors, and several additional complaints.

... Those are just a few examples of what we're likely not hearing.

What we ARE hearing are messages like this from NBC News: conservative groups are in a frenzy to stop “the academic study of racism’s pervasive impact”.

… Almost as if anyone with a conservative point of view gets openly mocked if they push back against Critical Race Theory.

Unfortunately, it's not just public schools, either. Many private, Christian schools are even getting caught up in the critical race craze, causing high tensions and increased division between people who got along fine last year.

It's still too early to see how this shakes out, so what are you (as a caring parent) supposed to do? How do you respond? What actions can you take?

If you're concerned about this critical race agenda getting pushed into your school, you have a few options:

1) You can take a stand.

Organize other concerned parents and engage in the difficult questions with sound logic and a level head. Attend board meetings and make your voices heard. (I'll ask Jim if he has any resources).

Even still, it's no guarantee things will go back to normal. There seems to be a massive force that keeps pushing forward and crushing out traditional values and your kids are at risk of becoming brainwashed.

2) You can train your kids...

Teach your kids truth and train them up in the way they should go, and pray that they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Have hard conversations with your kids, foster an environment of trust so they can discuss what they're learning and think through these things critically. Be especially a-tuned to what they're learning in government/social studies.

3) You can take control.

Many parents have simply had enough. They're taking matters into their own hands, so there is no question what's entering their kids' minds. Homeschooling has been gaining popularity for this very reason.

If this is you - we want to help. It's our mission to ensure your child is taught the truth and provide you the support needed to keep your child on course.

Although it is concerning what's happening in local school districts across the nation, we are optimistic that you can pull through these trying times, and our goal is to actually surprise you with how rewarding this can be for your family.

If you’re interested in ensuring your child is protected from Critical Race Theory while battles are being fought within your local school district, we’d love to talk.

Our educational materials are entirely based on traditional, Judeo-Christian values, as well as traditional historical values.

Start off by requesting our free catalog, where we are completely transparent about all of the content your child will be learning. Or, simply give us a call today and we’ll work with you to find a solution for your child.

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