Remote Learning Isn’t Working. Now What?

By James Leonard

April 6, 2021

Are you worried your student just isn’t learning the same way they did pre-pandemic? Does it feel like you’re always trying to get them moving to get their schoolwork done? Does your child lack motivation, whine, and complain about not wanting to “do school?”

If you felt yourself nodding yes to any of these looming questions, you are not alone. Parents and children around the world are all experiencing similar challenges.

Whether you call it remote learning, online learning, or distance learning, school this past year has added a new level of stress and complication to everyone’s lives. To put it plainly, remote learning just isn’t working. And here’s why:

1) Students need and rely on structure and support

The truth is that kids have short attention spans. At many schools, teachers are now expected to teach a group of rambunctious students online while simultaneously teaching the same in the classroom. Talk about overwhelming! Whether online or in person, the classroom structure just isn’t normal right now, and children need structure. 

On top of everything else they’re juggling, teachers aren’t able to cater to the unique learning needs of each student in the same way they may have been able before the pandemic. Kids are struggling to stay engaged and falling behind, and their grades have suffered as a result. Maybe your child is dealing with this very thing. 

2) 8+ hours screen time every day affects them mentally & emotionally

Every child expert for the last decade has warned about the dangers of too much screen time in young kids and its impact on brain development as well as fine and gross motor skills. Excess screen time is also linked to obesity and short attention spans.

To top it off, a flood of research in recent months has found alarming spikes in depression and anxiety among children and their parents. According to a study of 13-18 year olds by Fair Health, overdoses are up 119%, anxiety is up 94%, and depression is up 84% in the U.S. (from April 2020 vs. April 2019). The mental health toll that the lockdown has wrought in the lives of both teens and children is truly devastating. 

3) Lack of social interaction reduces motivation

Kids just aren’t accustomed to sitting in front of screens in isolation for hours on end every single day, and lack of social interaction can actually reduce their motivation. Real, face-to-face social interaction, according to Sanfield Day Nursury, “is particularly beneficial for child development, and the right environment can help children develop strong language skills, creativity, empathy, communication and confidence.” 

Meghan Cox Gurdon, author of “The Enchanted Hour,” on the power of reading out loud in our distracted world said, “What kids are getting from Zoom sessions tends to be so thin, so stretched from connection and feeling. It’s not a knock against teachers - it’s the medium. It’s just not good enough; not human enough.”  

Lack of structure, mental health concerns, and social isolation…no wonder remote learning isn’t working. Education was never meant to be this way.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Yes, this is great, but I already know remote learning isn’t working for my child! NOW what?”

Here at Basic Christian Education (BCE), our homeschool curriculum can help your child (and you) recover from the distance learning disconnect. Your student’s education is vitally important to their growth and development, and we can get them back on track by...

1) Helping them get caught up in school

If your student is falling behind and their grades have suffered as a result of remote learning this past year, BCE offers a summer school program to help them get caught back up. Our homeschool programs are built around the areas your child needs to improve in. You may be wondering, “If you’ve never worked with my kid before, how will you know what areas in school they’re behind in?” Here at BCE, we understand that learning looks different for EVERY student. Every child is uniquely created with distinct abilities, and our homeschool curriculum is based around this very truth! Every student needs an individualized education program. 

Before your child dives into our homeschooling courses, he or she will undergo our unique diagnostic testing process. This testing lets our experienced staff better understand your child’s strengths as well as areas that need improvement, so we can work with you to develop the best plan for their success. The diagnostic process is simple and gives us clear insight into what they have learned and what may affect how they learn!

The Diagnostic Includes:

  • Academic progress
  • Neurological organization
  • Short term memory
  • Auditory processing skills
  • Overall reading comprehension

2) Keeping them engaged with learning

Our BCE homeschool curriculum is positive, engaging, and structured. The workbooks we provide (called PACEs) were designed with the creativity and imagination of children in mind. Students will stay motivated because subjects are taught in a way that’s fun and enjoyable (and not taught through a boring “Zoom” classroom).

Even more than that, the BCE curriculum helps promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills that go beyond the ability to pass a standardized test. Our deepest desire is to help you develop self-motivated, passionate learners. 

3) Providing a screen-free curriculum

Finally, everything we do is paper-based. When it comes to schooling, technology will never be a distraction or hindrance to your child’s health and development. 

Meghan Cox Gurdon, the author we mentioned earlier, explained that, “The brilliant thing with books is that you have curated language that is much broader than anything a teacher will say over Zoom.” An education structured around physical workbooks provides your child with a deep and full education. 

Remote learning isn’t working. Consider a homeschool curriculum because your family will find freedom, fun, and flexibility on the other side. The time to help your child recover from the distance learning disconnect is now. 

What are you waiting for?


Whether you’re interested in a summer school curriculum to help your child get caught back up or if you want to make the full switch to a homeschool curriculum, we’d love to talk with you! Give us a call to ask any questions or get started today: 937.548.1155

If you’re interested in a quick peek into our curriculum, request a catalog!

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