What Denomination is ACE Homeschool Curriculum?

By James Leonard

June 27, 2022

A question many people ask us is “What denomination is ACE Homeschool Curriculum associated with?” Are you ready to find out the answer? Read on!

The ACE Homeschool Curriculum Provided by Basic Christian Education Is Not Associated With One Denomination

Surprise! The ACE curriculum is not associated with a denomination! While ACE curriculum has some Evangelical ties, it is not strictly associated with the denomination. So…how does ACE incorporate the Bible into its curriculum if it’s not using a denominational specific approach?

ACE Curriculum Is Bible-Based

Because ACE curriculum is Bible-based, it fits into every denomination. It remains very Biblically focused, and does not promote one denomination over another, but rather seeks to incorporate Biblical truths into each PACE. (A PACE in ACE curriculum is basically a packet of lessons geared towards each child’s individual needs and learning levels. Read more about the unique approach of ACE curriculum here.)

How does ACE incorporate Biblical truths in its curriculum?

1. Cartoons and Graphics that illustrate a Bible story. 

For younger grades, there are comics that explain how a Biblical trait should be lived out in their lives. This visual representation helps to reinforce scripture for these younger students.

2. Biblical traits built into each PACE. 

Each PACE focuses on a specific characteristic or trait for the student to embody.

3. Each PACE has corresponding scripture.

Each segment has scripture that ties into the lessons your student is learning so that they are growing academically and spiritually.

4. Missionaries referenced in world studies.

If you’re learning about a specific country in the world, ACE teaches you about missionaries in that area and how they served.

Why Does BCE Use ACE Curriculum?

One of the main reasons that we provide the ACE curriculum here at BCE is because of the strong emphasis that is placed on Bible-based learning. We appreciate that ACE is a homeschool curriculum that teaches creation, and other hot-topic issues, from a Biblical perspective. Since it is not directly affiliated with a denomination it is more accessible for Christian homeschooling parents, allowing students of all ages and backgrounds to grow holistically through the curriculum. We are passionate about raising children up in Biblical truths and equipping them academically with the rigorous approach of ACE curriculum.

How Do I Make The Switch To ACE Curriculum?

If you want to pursue a Bible-based learning experience for your students, the first step to getting started with ACE curriculum is to request the free catalog and have your student take our unique diagnostic assessment. This allows our experienced staff to evaluate at what levels your child is performing, and arrange the ACE curriculum based on the results of the diagnostic test. Sound like a plan? Take the leap and see how your child grows in their relationship with God, as well as their lessons, with this Biblical approach to academics!


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