Testimony of a Summer Homeschooling Grandmother

By James Leonard

March 5, 2021

It's always fun to hear from other people how much they're getting out of a homeschool education - and this one just warms our heart!

We wanted to share a grandma's full testimonial for you, including why she decided to take a key role in the education of her grandchildren, and the incredible successes they saw together during their summer homeschool program last year.

Have a look at what she had to say:

"You could count me as a doubting Thomas. Until COVID-19 I would never have considered homeschooling. When the schools closed last spring and my son and daughter-in-law were trying their best to teach their 2 younger sons plus having an infant and 4-year-old. I felt the boys were only getting by. I did not want them to be behind when school resumed in September. I contacted BCE and they sent me testing material, so we knew what they already knew.

And so it began, they and I learning how to homeschool. I picked the boys up at 1:00 and they sat at each end of my table and I in the middle.  I was learning along with them the procedure of homeschooling. Each had their own set of PACEs per subject at the level they actually were at academically. As we started, I had them read to me so I could see their ability. I was concerned with their following sentences, so I contacted BCE.  They gave me little tips on how to improve their reading.  

I let them choose the subjects they wanted to start their day with and how much they did, but they knew every subject was to be worked on daily and in the end every subject needed to be completed. Every day they had about 20 minutes to have a snack and run around.

I told them they might think I’m the mean grandma because I had them doing this but later in life they would appreciate and understand what grandma was doing.  They came back with, no grandma we love you.  The 8 year old added, “this is fun”!  I was with them the whole time because they are kids, and they get distracted.  But, the main reason was I wanted to monitor their reading ability and see them grow.

We started in June so they would be ready when the school year began in September. We worked Monday through Friday, 1:00 to 4:00. In two weeks, they had their PACEs in 5 subjects completed and were ready for the next series.   

Probably the most important was the Bible stories and verses. My grandchildren were not having religion in their life regularly, so this was very important to me.  What really hit my heart was when my 8 year old had an issue, I went to their home to talk to him. When he answered my question with the Bible verse it almost brought tears to my eyes."

DSG from Coldwater, Ohio

- - - 

As we mentioned in the last article, grandparents are taking a more active role in the education of their grandchildren. This is somewhat to do with COVID-19, but we've been noticing this trend well before the world turned upside down!

If you're in the same boat - whether you're a concerned grandparent or a parent who could use some additional help in your child's education - we'd love to have a conversation. Homeschooling in the summer has incredible benefits to keep your child on track, and often even get him or her ahead of the pack!

Give us a call today to talk over your options!

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