How Grandparents Help with Homeschooling

February 22, 2021

More and more we are seeing grandparents homeschooling their grandchildren.

Some of this uptick has been caused by the impact of COVID-19, as families have been uncomfortable with the way school systems have handled the challenge:

  • Distance learning has been a challenge for many younger children, spending hours a day in front of a screen.
  • Others have been uncomfortable with the in-person learning arrangements: walls between students, masks, one day in school the next at home.

Whatever the individual reason, more families have chosen to homeschool, giving their students a more settled, consistent, and safe learning environment.

As the decision to homeschool is made, one of the main questions becomes “Who will be the ‘teacher’?”

With parents having to work, we see grandparents being the primary person supervising daily academics. This can become a wonderful opportunity for all involved, building a multigenerational relationship.

That said, making the move to homeschooling can be a challenge for all involved, and we want to provide you the resources to make sound decisions!

Our unique approach to schooling can make the transition enjoyable to both student and “teacher.” I have used teacher in quotes because, in our homeschooling method, the teaching is really done by the curriculum and the involved adult is supervising the academic process.

This means that the “teacher” does not have to know all about teaching or even the subjects. The person supervising the academic process (homeschooling) need only help the student follow the process laid out in each booklet, called a PACE – a Packet of Accelerated Christian Education.

To help alleviate the pressure for everyone, the transition to homeschooling can be significantly eased by our academic diagnostic testing. This allows us to design a personalized academic program based on the student’s academic progress subject by subject, not by age or grade. Understanding where a student is really at in their education will help meet the student’s specific needs by filling in the gaps in learning, some created by the disrupted learning environment of the past year.

No matter the age or academic strength of the student or “teacher”, BCE can help you have success, because “Your Success is Our Goal”

Watch for upcoming testimonial articles from grandparents that have homeschooled through BCE!

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