Five Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

March 21, 2017


You’ve been raising your child with a Christian worldview. Shouldn’t their school, where they spend the better part of each day, align with that philosophy? Most school curricula revolve around humanism, the belief that people, not God, are of prime importance. By homeschooling your child, you have the freedom to keep God front and center, providing education based on sound Biblical principles. More than that though, you're fulfilling the Biblical call to raise your children in the way of the Lord.


Secular progressive values, which emphasize relativism, “tolerance,” and adapting to the political trends of the day, have permeated the classroom. As a homeschooler, you have the freedom to teach your children Biblical values openly and boldly, infusing your lessons with the power of God’s unchanging Word.


A homeschool curriculum focuses on your child and your child alone, not on school or district requirements. Student-centered schooling motivates your child to meet intrinsic learning needs, which will create a lifelong natural drive toward curiosity and solving real-life problems. Why have your child spend hours a day conforming to a group when their own potential is waiting to blossom?


You know your own family better than anyone else. Why should a school schedule determine when you sleep, eat, exercise, and spend time together as a family? When you homeschool, you call the shots for your household rather than follow the demands of an institution. Celebrate holidays when and how you want. Visit museums on quiet weekday mornings for maximum learning. Let children take a nap or grab a snack so they can face challenging concepts with confidence and strength.

Quality Academics

Institutional calendars, classrooms, and standards pressure teachers to promote students to higher levels and grades, even when those students are still struggling with concepts. This type of social based “progression” results in nothing more than a false sense of security that later leaves students lacking in the foundation they need to continue to learn confidently. Mastery-based progression focuses on skills and concepts, not school calendars, as you decide to move your child onto a more advanced curriculum.

If you’re looking for a Bible-based curriculum to get your child started down the right path to a positive homeschool experience, consider Basic Christian Education. Learn about our Diagnostic Test, currently available for just $25, or discover more about what Basic Christian Education offers.

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