By Nicole

March 17, 2017


What emotion does that word evoke for you?  The word could mean being so sleepy that you can’t stop yawning while turning in scripts to the pharmacist or falling asleep in the cosmetologist’s chair.  There is also a bone deep weariness that comes with emotional, mental, and physical burnout.   I sometimes envy the parents that put their kids on a bus and wave goodbye.  Could you imagine how much you could get done in a day if the kids were all gone?  I sometimes dream about it.  Then I remember the whole point of homeschooling and why I was willing to take it on in the first place.  However, knowing why you do it and surviving the burnout are two separate challenges.  Honestly, the third quarter is absolutely the slowest, dreariest, nine weeks every year.  It happens during winter, the kids can’t really play outside, and the days are still short.  I also work outside of the home, so that compounds the daily grind.  Dinner doesn’t happen till after 7pm for my family.  I guess the question before the house is how do you deal with the burnout.


The most important weapon we have against exhaustion and burnout is prayer.  I never understood the verse that said to pray without ceasing until I had my kids.  Relying on the Lord for spiritual, emotional, and physical strength will help us persevere. 


We all know (or are) the mom…  The one the makes gourmet meals three times a day, her house is always clean, she seems to have time to help with church functions, she is the first person you call on when you need to head a committee, her kids are neat.  I would imagine she is fairly exhausted but feels that she can’t let anyone down.  Delegation helps.  Have your kids help with the work – I know, I heard you – it is more work to have them help than to do it myself.  When they are older, it is wonderful.  Listen carefully – YOU don’t have to do it all. 


We homeschool our kids.  The beauty of that is that we have the ability to say, “Eh, I don’t think we are going to do academics today.  Let’s take a day off.”  It is ok!  Rest – show your children that it is ok to take care of yourself. 

Be Honest.

Admit you need help.  All too often we respond with the rote “Fine” when asked how we are doing.  Fine stands for “freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional!”  How many of us are willing to admit that that is the case?  I sure am, at times.  There are folks that are willing to help you.  To get the assistance you need, be open.  Call us at BCE!  I often have tips that other moms have passed on to me and I am a pretty good listening ear!  Once again – YOU don’t have to be perfect and get it all done.  Join a support group (ACE Homeschool Moms is a good Facebook group), take random days off, don’t over schedule… these will help with the burnout that can come with being overly extended

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