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The Basic Christian Education program is designed for parents who recognize that their children are a gift from God. Therefore, it is their God-given responsibility to educate their children with a program that meets their academic, social, and spiritual needs.

Your Success is Our Goal     


Free Diagnostic Testing for new Academy Students -   

                          A $40.00 value !

BCE Academy - Homeschool

BCE Academy provides you with the services and support to allow you to feel comfortable in your home education experience. BCE provides you with academic assistance and a complete package of the materials you will need to have a successful home school. Parents will find the program is very user-friendly for both the student and home school parent. Teaching multiple grade levels becomes much easier with the individualized program. No lesson plans or tests to develop -- it's all included!

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  Registration Fees Annual Tuition Fees *
Grades 1 to 8                                         rates
1st Student
2nd Student
3rd Student
Grades 9 to 12

* The annual tuition fee includes all consumable curriculum and score keys but excludes resource books and some resources for high school electives.

Tuition may be paid by the quarter or the semester.

There is a $10.00 clerical fee per student per quarter or semester when not paying annually.

Diagnostic Testing Fees for new students $40.00

BCE will provide the following:

  • Home Schooling Handbook - to help you understand the teaching methodology
  • Diagnostic Testing and Placement - to see that your student's true academic needs will be met
  • Projected Course of Study (High School) - designed with your input and your student's abilities in mind
  • Transcript - for College and other post secondary education programs
  • Accredited Diploma - Our diplomas are widely accepted by Christian colleges, state colleges of all types as well as the US Government and military services
  • Enrollment Verification - for insurance companies or other organizations
  • Personal Assistance and Advice - when needs arise while homeschooling we are available to help you through that math or English problem or it may be that you just need some encouragement from another homeschooler we are just a call away
  • All forms necessary for daily student goal setting and progress monitoring, quarterly reporting to BCE for recordkeeping and transcript development, and also home based recordkeeping forms for you to keep up on long-term progress

Home Schooling Handbook

Enrollment in BCE Academy will provide you with our Home Schooling Handbook and a complete set of forms for each student enrolled. The Home Schooling Handbook gives guidance and information on how to use our program. This is your "training manual." It is also recommended that parents attend the BCE Teacher Training sessions. These sessions are very helpful for parents to become familiar with the basic concepts and methodology of the individualized program. Call BCE for current training dates and prices.

The Home Schooling Handbook gives guidance and information on:

  • Diagnosis & Prescription
  • Graduation Requirements
  • How To Use the Curriculum
  • Built-In Learning Tools that are part of the Curriculum
  • Goal Setting
  • Record Keeping (forms available and how to use these effectively)
  • Ordering Curriculum

Diagnostic Testing and Placement

Upon enrollment each student (grades 2-12) is administered the diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept mastery. BCE will evaluate the test results and work with you to determine you student's needs and prescribe curriculum that meets and challenges the student at their ability level subject by subject. Five academic areas are tested: English, math, Word Building (spelling), Social Studies and Science. Testing evaluates math, English, and spelling concepts to determine placement levels according to level of mastery. The Social Studies and Science testing is designed to determine reading comprehension skills. Additional Advanced Diagnostic tools and other aids are also provided with the Diagnostic kit.

If weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate gap PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. After completing the "gap" PACEs, the student begins continuous progress at his achievement level. Test results make it possible to determine the student's academic performance level for proper curriculum placement enabling the student to work with confidence and experience the reward of achievement. He can continue to progress at his own speed with proper controls and motivation.

        Proper academic diagnosis and prescription is vital to a student's success.

Projected Course of Study (High School)

When students enter ninth grade, we complete a projected course of study for their four years of high school. Three courses of study are available: college preparatory, general, and vocational. We prepare a High School Academic Projection, listing the courses required each year for graduation.

Transcripts / Enrollment Verification

BCE keeps an Academic Record of your child's progress. BCE will provide official transcripts for schools and colleges as requested. BCE also provides enrollment verification, if needed.


When students have met all the requirements for graduation, BCE will issue a Accredited High School Diploma.  BCE is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.

(Transfer students must earn a minimum of 4½ credits from BCE). Diplomas are mailed, unless specified otherwise. BCE will also issue eighth grade diplomas upon request.


A complete curriculum is available for grades K-12.
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