Why Choose BCE?

How does the system work? 

  • Offers a complete learning system 
  • An excellent remedy for "Homeschool Mom Burnout" 
  • No lesson plans or tests to develop; all provided and ready to use. Learn more »
  • Multiple children and grade levels are managed with ease
  • Individually designed course of study for each student through diagnostic testing 
  • Personal assistance and advice 

What is the result? 

  • Teaches solid academics, life skills, and Christian character
  • Covers all academic areas expected in a quality education 
  • Provides excellent preparation for college through development of self-directed learning
  • Teaches daily and long-term goal setting and the satisfaction of achievement 
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • All subject matter is presented from a conservative Christian worldview
  • All subjects are permeated with the Word of God; Bible is not just an added course. 
  • Non-denominational, simply exposes students to God's Word and its timeless precepts Learn more »

What does BCE Academy offer? 

  • Complete record-keeping 
  • Accredited diplomas and transcripts 
  • Report cards
  • Personal academic assistance
  • Assistance planning high school course load 
  • See Our Approach
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