Basic Christian Education And BCE Academy

Since 1982 Basic Christian Education has provided a high-quality academic program that is permeated with the Word of God to homeschool families in North America and beyond

Our goal has always been to support you in successfully training your children for service to God in the world we live in.

We are committed to helping you develop your children’s God-given potential both spiritually and academically.  A quality education in which Jesus Christ is central will influence the whole course of a student’s life.


Portable & Flexible

Basic Christian Education's homeschool program doesn't tie you to a desk, calendar, or computer. Students and their families can engage with learning at their own pace, no matter what adventure is in front of them!

Diagnostic Testing

 Our unique diagnostic testing allows us to see the areas where your student is strong, as well as where there may be gaps in their foundational knowledge. This allows us to create their personalized path to success. 

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Choose the path that fits YOUR needs

BCE Academy 

BCE Academy is a full curriculum solution. We provide a complete package of services, support and materials. Our goal is to partner with you and your student to homeschool confidently. 

BCE Academy is everything you need to homeschool your child!

A La Carte

All our materials are available without being enrolled in BCE Academy. You can select any course or PACE to supplement other homeschooling paths, give extra practice, or fill in gaps others leave behind. Perhaps you have a very specific need to fill?

Whatever the case, families purchasing materials a la carte are welcome to join the BCE Academy pathway at any time.



Personalized Education

Every student is uniquely created, and their educational path should be no different. We work with you to create a custom-tailored path for success. 


There are many paths a student can take in life. That's why we offer accredited High School and Vocational diplomas, allowing students the most options as they pursue their calling in life. 



We know you strive to be good stewards of all you're given. We do as well, and we constantly review our pricing, fighting to keep our materials affordable for every family.  As always, our top-notch support is available free of charge.

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