Personalize Summer School


Summer Curriculum School | Basic Christian Education


The days are getting warmer and longer. But who says your child’s education has to go on vacation?

Give your child the gift of learning this summer by enrolling them in Basic Christian Education Summer School!

Advantages of Summer School:

  • Retain information from school year
  • Get a head start on fall classes
  • Add additional concepts to their repertoire
  • Enjoy the flexible schedule of summer
  • Take time on subjects that are more challenging

Summer Curriculum Tailored to Your Child

At Basic Christian Education, we know one size does not fit all. After all, that’s why you homeschool! We customize our summer program by providing diagnostic testing, analysis, and curriculum designed to target your child’s academic needs.

And as for those long, hot days?

Our personalized, focused program will assure that your child will have time to hit the books and the beach! Summer has never looked sunnier.